Yeah, It’s time to Wake up with ‘THE ROCK’ every morning….


The Rock Clock

You Snooze, You Lose, Waking up early is so tough for some people. But its time to get up and get after it.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a New Alarm Clock app and It is Ridiculous and Amazing.

Recently, The Rock Johnson shared a post on Instagram with his picture with clock where he said, His goal was to make an app that was motivating, uncomplicated, funny and free. Over 1 Million downloads and counting in its first week, your morning will never be the same again, sunshine, ever.

This free app is available on ios and android and doesn’t have a snooze button.

‘The Rock Clock’ app forces you to set a goal for yourself and adds a Motivate message from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson every morning. It’s a recording of Dwayne saying the word Beep over and over again.

Try it, if your are sleepy then, The Rock Clock alarm app will help you to kicked your butt out of your bed.









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